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FBD60K (Typical)
Inner Rotor type, Driver Contol BLDC motor, 
Size= 60x75L(mm) http://www.formosaservo.com/html/program/mng/images/set3/mng_08.gif12~220VDC, 1500~3000 rpm(Rated Speed)

Pls be sure to input your Model No./Required Electrical Specs.(Voltage, Speed…)into your purchase order !!

The detailed specs. data sheet and external dimensions are available on the attached file.

Product file
Model No. Type Voltage Power(W) Current(A) Speed(rpm) Descripstions Specs.
Data Sheets
FBD60K BLDC 12~220 5~80 0.7~4 1500~3000 inner rotor type, BLDC motor □60x75Lmm, typical

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